The Dead Fret Demo

by White Oak

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released March 22, 2017



all rights reserved


White Oak Livingston, New Jersey

noah santos.

acoustic | punk | folk.

relying on noise & nonsense to take me to far away places.


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Track Name: Without A Trace
You left without a word
Disappeared without a trace
Like a planned out scheme, was i meant to be replaced?
You built my trust, but that was my mistake.
When I gave you my heart, I didn't know it'd be misplaced.

You've gone and thrown it all away.
At least there's 2 to take the blame.

Now I'm cursed with this gift:
I still see you everyday whether it be in my dreams or i am wide awake
It breaks my heart as i see you turn away
Light my cigarette and wish somehow you would want to stay

But I know that's not the case
You'll never say it to my face
Track Name: Kiki
Kiki was playing on the TV
We watched the whole thing
I lay among your scent with my face across your back
This feels so damn good

Then we were on your bed
Tangled in each other's legs
Lay bare upon the sheets
Pressed up onto me
Like we were always meant to be

A new rejoice
A new sound was sung
Your voice kept ringing like an echo
Before we know it
We're out the door
Can we do this again?

Why don't we have a day where we watch all the Ghibli movies from start to end?
Thats how our day is spent
Amazing animations and in this bed
Track Name: Comfort Zone
I'm off to see a brand new world
Fill my maps with coloured pins and write in journals paper thin
Told myself I need to be alone to get answers to the questions that I thought I'd never get to know

I'm getting out of my comfort zone
Far away from all the places I would cal my home

I'm off to see a brand new world
Travel concrete / open roads
Breathe the air that moves from coast to coast
Fuck the places that I've always known
People stuck inside their bubbles, shit, they'll never ever get to know

A place outside of their comfort zone
Are you happy being bundled up inside your home
Track Name: Chewed and Spit
You kept close even when we agreed
At the time, things could never be
Then you said that you considered me
Well that's grand, just great... I still feel like shit

You didnt think I thought much of you
I thought highly of you
Well, you moved me
I was much too tired of your sick fucking games
I said I'd fight if you reciprocate

The mess that you made outside of you head
You don't comprehend the signals you send
I lay this to rest
Be put to an end
Again and again
Let's both not pretend

Full of lies and deceit
You couldn't swallow me whole
Chewed and spit
I'll do the same because you reap what you sow

Snow falls on my walk home
I still question "Do I need you?"
I'll convince myself that once was enough
I'll tell myself I wasn't in love
Track Name: We're A Mess
Do you think we're a mess?
I think you spend too much time in your head.
New doubt that stem from your problems
You worry
No need to tell me you're sorry
You're lost on the inside

Now we're driving at night
You pulled the car over and started to cry
"I've been feeling so low. I just don't want you to go."
But when people grow, I think they grow,

There's no need to cry
You're gonna be alright.
So can you wipe your tears and tell me your fears?
You'll never need to speak of them again.
Track Name: Shame
Filled with grief
All is contained
Vexed by the wicked
Sent astray
Side by side
The loyal will stay
Others will curse
Consumed by their rage

Using tongues to scold and berate
Poured the salt on the wounds that ache
Deeply disgusted
Feeling disdain
Is this the price for the choices we make?

You need not feel no shame
Only the strong can carry their weight
"Do not fret," the wise will say
Kings do not falter from their mistakes
Track Name: Golden Gate
From the Golden Gate down to LA
You travel all alone in a crowded State
A steady decline
A breaking point
You're determining your choices with the flip of a coin

From the Golden Gate down to LA
Doing everything you love just to make it through the day
Your comics and your art - collective and concise
I'll tell you they're amazing a hundred more times

When you wake up, you're in control to pick the things to want to hold
You've got to show them all you know you're strong enough to let go
Track Name: The Art Show (Not Pleasing)
It's my turn to make a move
I'll smile to hide the truth
Lips for exhibit A
Teeth from exhibit B
Let's lighten up the mood
I portray myself a certain way
That's all I put up on display
Laugh for exhibit C
Pose for exhibit D
The faces I convey

Use muscles like a tool
Pretend that everything is cool
Smirk for exhibit A
Glee for exhibit B
Looking like a fool
Had enough of acting like a fake
It's a feeling that I just can't shake
Frown for exhibit C
No more exhibit D
I'm sick of being fake

Honesty just isn't that easy
So I'll lie and say that it's pleasing
Honesty is never that easy
But yeah, it's much more pleasing

That's all that I can show
We've come to a close
There's nothing more that I can say
And if you want to know
If you really want to know
Then stick around for the artshow
Track Name: Places We Want To Go
Then find our way down to Mexico
See the world in it's whole
Find all the places that we want to go

Then cross into Portugal
Live in vans and terminals
We've got no time to be comfortable
Track Name: Clocks
This is me
A broken watch
With cracks in the glass
Rusted gears
A missing piece
And hands that don't point anymore

Picture this
A broken clock
Still urging to tick
Like a heart
That slowly beats
When you're barely breathing

This is me
A broken clock
With no track of time
No maintenance or order
No chance of survival
Track Name: Solving Equations or Sucking Dick
We've all been picking up pieces our lives
We've all been working ourselves to the bone
We're trying to survive
We all feel as if we're thriving
We're doing alright
So who's to say that we're the ones who have fallen behind?

Tough skin but don't mean we won't show we've got a soft side
Getting fucked because we all read between the lines
If I had a controller, I'd press rewind
Look back at all the stupid shit that kept us alive
Track Name: Looking Up To Max Bemis
Artists and poets that I've come to adore
Were just like me sleeping on couches and floors
They took a chance without a single regret
And even played with a dead fucking fret

The boys and girls are looking up to the stage
I'm in the crowd screaming take me away
One day I'll play - I'll make them jump and scream
Something about them will remind me of me

Never cared about the fame
Always thought that shit was lame
I'll be content when I see the day
Someone says I'm the reason they changed
Track Name: If You Say So
My week's become routine
This aint the life for me
I've turned my back on my beliefs and now I seem so weak
A blooming rose in the spring
I'll wither with the fall
But don't mind me or my sadness at all

How tragic can this be?
Bitter and never sweet
Illusions blinding so my mind says you're the best for me
The summer gave me a break
The winter broke my back
Just tell me God, is there something that I lack.

If you say so
I'd like to know only if you say so.
Track Name: Storyteller
I hate most of the scumbags
I hate most of the kids
And all the songs I write are on the same stupid shit
I talk a lot of nonsense
I might not be so sane
But dont you fucking judge me when our insides look the same

I met a lot of people
I think they're really great
We talk a lot of shit when we feel we can't complain
I don't know much bout luxury
Cause living has been misery
But either way I'm happy
Or that's just how I'll appear

You can judge my music
I still think it sounds great
I know it's pretty awful
But I've good things in store
Some of it is tragic
While some of it is swell
Every story teller's got something for show and tell