The Bode Recordings

by White Oak

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Recorded at the Bode, world's most chaotic garage.
6425 Recordings.


released January 9, 2017

Huge thank you to The Bode:
- Ruben Cardona for recording me.
- Dylan MacKenzie for putting up with my bullshit.
- Bryan Carballo for being my brother.
- Michael Bradford for being so loveable.
- Ian Rodriguez for never failing to make me laugh.
- Andres Trevizo for simply his company.

Other: Lady. Jay. Chris. Todd. Duncan. Ozzy.



all rights reserved


White Oak Livingston, New Jersey

noah santos.

acoustic | punk | folk.

relying on noise & nonsense to take me to far away places.


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Track Name: Avant Garde
wasted potential
decision i have made
dragging me down
i've let time drag on and on
repeating the same process
over and over again

no sign of glory
no trace of good deeds
ever to come my way
a new route
a nice view
one i can take
a garden that only starts to bloom

i'll find myself among the avant garde
Track Name: Closer
im sorry that they're always waiting for you
but these words just come out like a blood from a wound
your head against my shoulders
your hands holding my arms
my eyes are open wide and i swear you caught me by surprise

the sky gets dark but its not even late
i forget all the hours
i remember every day
the fact that you're still here and we're in this moment and place
you know that i've always adored you and i hope that you stay

i'll let you put your heart inside of mine if that would make you feel closer
and you can have another home away from away if that makes you feel closer
Track Name: The Art Show (Not Pleasing) [demo]
it's my time to make a move
a smile to hide the truth
lips for exhibit A
teeth from exhibit B
lets lighten up the mood

i portray myself a certain way
that all i put up on display
laugh for exhibit C
pose for exhibit D
the faces i convey

honesty just isnt that easy so ill lie and say that its pleasing

use muscles like a tool
pretend that everything is cool
smirt for exhibit A
glee for exhibit B
looking like a fool

had enough of acting like a fake
something i can no longer shake
frown for exhibit C
no more exhibit D
i'm sick of being fake

honest just isnt that easy so i'll lie and say that its pleasing
honesty is never that easy but yeah its much more pleasing

thats all that i can show
we've come to a close
there's nothing more that i can say
and if you wanna know
if you really wanna know
then stick around for the artshow
Track Name: If You Say So [demo]
my week's become routine
this aint the life for me
i've turned my back on my beliefs and now i seem so weak
a blooming rose in the spring
i'll wither with the fall
but dont mind me or my sadness at all

how tragic can this be?
bitter but never sweet
illusions blinding so my mind says you're the best for me
the summer gave me a break
the winter broke my back
just tell me, god, is there something that i lack?

if you say so
if you say so
i'd like to know
only if you say so.
Track Name: You're Perfect Just The Way You Look
im gonna do you in your car
im gonna do you in your bed
im gonna give you real good head

im gonna do you when you cook
im gonna do you after meals
im gonna make sure you feel good

even if it isnt right, we're gonna try until we die and our heart's begin to burst

im gonna fuck you where you lay
im gonna fuck you where you stay
im gonna fuck you if you say i may

we're gonna fuck in through the night
we're gonna fuck until we die
we're gonna fuck and fuck all night

it doesnt matter what you wear whether a dress or just some sweats
you're perfect just the way you look