by White Oak

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released February 3, 2016



all rights reserved


White Oak Livingston, New Jersey

noah santos.

acoustic | punk | folk.

relying on noise & nonsense to take me to far away places.


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Track Name: Without a Trace
You left without a word
Disappeared without a trace
Like a planned out scheme
Was I meant to be replaced?
You built my trust but that was my mistake
When I gave you my heart, I didn't know it'd be misplaced.

You've gone and thrown in all away
At least there's two to take the blame

Now I'm cursed with this gift
I still see you everyday
Whether it be in my dreams or I am wide awake
It breaks my heart when I see you turn away
Light my cigarette and wish somehow you would wanna stay

But I know that's not the case
You'll never say it to my face
Track Name: Closer
I'm sorry that they're always waiting for you
But these words just come out like a blood from a wound
Your head against my shoulders
Your hands holding my arms
My eyes are open wide and I swear
You caught me by surprise

The sky is dark and it's not even late
I forget all the hours
I'm just treasuring our days
The fact that you're still here
That we're in this moment and place
You know that I've always adored you and I hope that you stay

I'll let you put your heart inside of mine it that makes you feel closer
And you can have another home away from home if that makes you feel closer
Track Name: Ghosts
There's ghosts in these walls still searching for a home
You misunderstand them
They don't want to be alone
I've tried my best to understand how they feel
But how do you know that what you don't see isn't real?

I have skin
My fingers touch
Being human seems to be more than enough
Then one day I'll fade like a ghost
Kept unseen, I will fade like a ghost.

Did heaven reject you?
Did hell cast you aside?
Is that why you linger?
Do you want another chance at life?
Do you know what it's like to be all alone?
Then maybe you know what it's like to be a ghost.
Track Name: Until the End
Hey Dad
I've inherited your name and the cigarettes you smoke all day that you say keeps you sane.
You talk to me as if we are bestir ends and so I'll keep you name on my hands with me until the very end

Just know I miss you
That's why I call everyday
To let you know I'm doing just fine
And know I love you
That's why I call every day
To let you know I'll keep you until the very end

Hey Mom
I've inherited your brains and the wise words you told me when you said you'd go far way.
They never left me, they're stitched into my skin and I'll keep you grace and your prayers with me until the very end

Hello my folks, you're thousands of miles away and still my love is outstretched beyond the borders of the grave. I'll go far out and I'll cross all 50 states just to be where you are and wrap my arms around you one more day.